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There comes a moment when we recognise not only how our mothers transform our lives but how she has lived her own. We see her as a woman, a mentor, a confidant – an everyday icon.

It doesn’t always hit like a lightning bolt. Sometimes it’s a slow appreciation that dawns as we enter adulthood. Other times, it’s in the awestruck affinity we feel for our own mothers when we become parents ourselves. When we truly begin to see our mothers as women who lived entire lives before us, and who created a world around us, we understand what it really means to be iconic. And that there’s more to say than thank you on Mother’s Day.

One day really isn’t enough.

We honour resilience

We bow down to the plate-spinning juggles and the struggles – because we can see now that when she made our childhoods feel like magic, she worked hard to make it so. Even when it seemed effortless – in fact, especially then.

We admire her power to lead and inspire

The trails our mothers blazed to light our way are often invisible when we’re kids. Was yours doing double shifts? Was she chipping at the glass ceiling or the role model and CEO of the home? We know she deserved to be paid double. As grown women, we see how far there is to go because we understand how far our mothers and mentors have come. That’s real inspo.

We celebrate her compassion

How do we say a simple thanks for her endless capacity to nourish and nurture us? For the unrelenting strength in her tenderness? She’s imperfect and so are we and yet she loves us anyway. There’s no love like it.

Mum, we get it. We see you.

And on Mother’s Day we give more than gratitude. To celebrate all she is and all she does, Jurlique has boxed up absolute bestsellers in beautiful gift sets – for every kind of everyday icon.