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Masks and Exfoliators

Masks and Exfoliators
Explore Jurlique's botanical based refining facial masks and natural exfoliators. Gentle on the face and chemical free, our natural masks are the best at delivering a powerful and natural solution to your skin care woes while giving you ample time to relax.
Treat dry skin by replenishing with much needed moisture or rejuvenate dull and tired looking skin with pure natural ingredients like purifying clay and flower oils. Soft and supple skin is only a step away.  


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  1. Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream Mask 100ml
  2. Intense Recovery Mask 100ml
  3. Purity Specialist Treatment Mask 100ml
  4. Moisture Replenishing Mask 100mL
  5. Purely Age-Defying Refining Treatment 40ml
  6. Nurturing Face Mask 100ml