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Hand & Body

Discover the natural beauty of Jurlique Hand & Body care products. Crafted with botanical ingredients, our range offers luxurious solutions for nourishing, hydrating, and pampering your skin. Explore now for radiant, healthy-looking skin that feels as good as it looks.


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  1. Rose Hand Lotion
  2. Rose Hand Wash
  3. Lemon, Geranium & Clary Sage Hand Lotion
  4. Lemon, Geranium & Clary Sage Hand Wash
  5. Lavender Body Oil
  6. Lavender Shower Gel
  7. Lavender Body Lotion
  8. Citrus Shower Gel
  9. Lemon, Geranium & Clary Sage Shower Gel
  10. Lemon Geranium & Clary Sage Body Lotion
  11. Rose Body Lotion
  12. Purely Age-Defying Hand Treatment


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