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As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, we take responsibility for the health of our planet by supporting those who create positive change. Our commitment to sustainability continues to grow with our pledge to donate 1% of proceeds of the Exclusive Edition Activating Water Essence+ to support Regenerate Australia, WWF-Australia’s program of action to ensure our environment, people and wildlife thrive.

As the largest, most innovative wildlife and landscape regeneration program ever, Regenerate Australia has a bold and ambitious goal. It aims to rehabilitate and restore wildlife and habitats, and future-proof Australia against climate disasters. Now, we want you to seek out the 1% change you can make each day to benefit body, mind and soul because small steps together can make a big difference.

1% Change for your Body

Your body is what gets you physically through each day and we need to nourish ourselves inside and out. When thinking about a 1% change for your body consider holistic self-care rituals that cover top to toe. Make your daily shower a sensory experience with shower gels enriched with botanical extracts and take time after to apply a body lotion with anti-oxidant properties. Also consider mindful ways to move your body by enjoying nature in an outdoor walk or ocean swim, or pairing breath to movement in a calming yoga practice.

1% Change for your Mind

Our mind is always busy, but it’s important to acknowledge the need to expand our knowledge and points of view. Consider a 1% change to read more. Maybe it’s ten minutes before bed or reading the weekend papers over brunch, or even listening to an audio book in a relaxing armchair. You might like to focus on self-education. Listen to a Ted Talk daily or join a Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs) which are free and available for anyone to enrol in.

1% Change for your Soul

The soul is the essence of being and many of us want to create a life that is meaningful, that contributes to our planet and that helps the greater good. Make your 1% change for the soul to encourage the conversation around sustainability and encourage positive action for the planet. We can walk, bike or use public transport; reduce food waste and meat consumption; and, time our showers to save water. Perhaps you’ll plant a tree or join a community garden, or even start your very own compost to recycle kitchen scraps. Join us in committing to a 1% change, because through everyday actions we can make a difference.

Jurlique’s commitment to sustainability is as strong as it was on day one, and this commitment only continues to grow with our pledge to 1% for the Planet. We take responsibility for the health of our planet by donating 1% of the proceeds of the Exclusive Edition Activating Water Essence+ to WWF Australia’s Regenerate Australia program, creating positive change.