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Unlock our winning skincare formula: 8 + 2

Unlock our winning skincare formula: 8 + 2


Through the art and science of mixology, we have uncovered the perfect ratio for softened, refreshed and hydrated skin. This customised ratio, featuring 8 drops of our iconic Activating Water Essence+ and 2 drops of Jurlique Face Oil, prepare and hydrates while unlocking a range of unique benefits thanks to our selection of face oils. Join us as we delve into the magic behind 8 + 2, nature's secret formula.

Why 8 + 2?

This winning combination creates a silky, lightweight texture that perfectly covers the face, providing hydration catered to your specific skin needs.

The Unique Benefits of 8 + 2

Start your ritual with 8 drops of  Activating Water Essence+, a silky, lightweight essence that helps prepare, hydrate and activate the skin for better absorption. Than select the Jurlique Face Oil for your skin needs:    

The 8 + 2 Ritual

This botanical-rich ratio can be used to elevate your daily skincare ritual or when you are short on time and need an on-the-go ritual. After cleansing, pour 8 drops of  Activating Water Essence+ and 2 drops of your favorite Jurlique Face Oil into the palm of your hand. Warm between palms before gently pressing and smoothing over the face, neck and décolletage.
This golden ratio is nature's secret formula, a curated blend featuring a fusion of farm-grown ingredients that work together for your skin. Find the perfect pair for you with Activating Water Essence+ and Jurlique's range of face oils, infused with handpicked botanicals that resonate with different skin needs. It’s as easy as 8 + 2.      
*Based on an in vivo study of 34 subjects after 2 weeks and 4 weeks
**Based on an in vivo study of 34 subjects after 4 weeks.