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Our top 7 skin care tips to help treat problem skin

Everyone has experienced blemishes at least once in their lives. While some skin types are more prone to blemishes than others, we can all benefit from using the right products, and living in ways that support and nurture healthy skin.

Read on for our top 7 skin care tips, so you can face the day with beauty and confidence.

Dirt and oil are often behind blemishes. Cleansing correctly is the first step to treating problem skin. “If you don’t cleanse properly and regularly skin will start to look dull with an uneven texture and surface imperfections, blackheads will be more common and skin will lose its healthy glow,” says Jurlique Ultimate Beauty Expert Rebecca Nicholls.

Cleansers for Skin Blemishes

Use a cleanser that’s suited to your skin type, with ingredients like Calendula to help soothe inflamed skin. Gently apply with small circular motions, starting at your forehead before moving down your T-zone (your forehead, nose and chin). Wash with warm water and rinse with cool water, and don’t forget to cleanse morning and night, especially if you wear makeup.

Exfoliators go one step further to clarifying your skin. Shedding dead skin cells helps unclog pores so younger, more radiant cells can shine through. However, if you have sensitive skin, it’s vital to choose a gentle exfoliator without abrasive scrubs or microbeads.

Try a non-granular exfoliating gel to lift away dead cells without irritating your skin. Gently press the exfoliator to your face, without rubbing, then rinse with cool water. If your skin feels dry, moisturise with hydrating Rose extract.

While it’s nice to treat yourself to the occasional sweet, sugar, carbohydrates and other high glycemic index (GI) foods it can harm your skin. High GI foods promote insulin spikes that increase oil production, which can block pores and feed bacteria, promoting breakouts.

Fruit Cake with Pomegranate & Orange

If you do find yourself craving sugar when emotional or stressed, try substituting chocolate for a walk to the local park. By distracting yourself when cravings arise, you can build new habits that focus on health and well being – as well as a chance to reconnect with nature.

Apart from relieving stress and cortisol levels, exercise assists blood flow to your skin. Boosting circulation helps carry oxygen and nutrients to cells, as well as move waste like free radicals away for disposal. Sweat can also help clear out pores – just make sure to follow any exercise with cleansing.

Working out doesn’t have to include treadmills or weights, either. Simply taking time out for a walk each morning or evening will not only help your daily step count, but also offer you the time and space to disconnect from the pressures of life, and practice being more mindful.

Your body needs at least eight hours’ sleep each night to repair and rejuvenate. Lack of sleep can increase the amount of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the blood, which can promote blemishes through excess oil production.

If you have trouble falling asleep, reset your sleep hygiene with a bedtime ritual. Avoid artificial-light screens like your mobile phone, as well as alcohol – try swapping for a chamomile tea instead. Then indulge in a warm bath with essential oils like Lavender to calm the senses and prime your body for rest.

If blemishes appear when you’re busy or stressed, taking steps to manage this will give your skin a much-needed chance to rejuvenate. Start the day with calming music and deep breathing, and avoid coffee – caffeine can worsen any anxiety, so try green tea instead. You can even meditate on your daily commute with a range of smartphone apps.

For an indulgent moment of calm during the day, a spritz of our Rosewater Balancing Mist is a lovely way to refresh both skin and mind.

Finally, a blemish cream with tinted concealer will help restore your skin –and confidence. Simply wash your hands, apply with your fingertip (or a concealer brush) and blend.