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You might call the Rose “queen of the botanicals”, such is its popularity and regard. Our particular matriarch is the species Rosa gallica. Nine varieties of Rosa gallica grow on our organic farm in the Adelaide hills of South Australia, their blooms spanning a spectrum of shades, but their properties and intoxicating scent identical. This is the story of the queen of botanicals and her journey from first planting to taking centre stage in our nourishing skin care.

Step 1 | South Australian provenance

Adelaide is the Rose capital of Australia, thanks in large part to its climate – hot in summer and with plenty of rain throughout winter – which is ideal for growing Roses. Nutrient-rich soil and pure, unpolluted air are some of the most important qualities of our farm and to capitalise on this pristine environment, we follow organic growing methods, keeping the farm free from synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides.

Step 2 | Plant partners

Planting is meticulously planned so that all our botanicals can work symbiotically to protect each other from harm. Our Roses are planted beside Yarrow , which nourishes and protects them from predatory insects.

Step 3 | Hand-picking petals

Harvesting begins in November each year, and our Roses are gently picked by hand when at their peak. Between November and February, we harvest 30 to 60 kilograms of Rose petals each week. Some weeks, when we’ve had particularly good weather, the Roses grow extra quickly and we can harvest up to 100 kilograms of petals per week.

Step 4 | Next comes drying

The Rose petals are laid flat on large racks and placed in our heated drying cupboards for five to six days. The dried petals can be stored for up to three years without diminishing their active ingredients. Rose is a key ingredient in many of our products, so it’s important that we always have a continuous supply.

Step 5 | Extracting the nutrients

To unlock the nutrients within the Rose, each petal goes through our exclusive extraction process. This proprietary process captures the pure, potent and active essential nutrients and minerals from the plants. This precious Rose extract is then transported to our nearby Natural Beauty Plant, which was developed in line with our culture of sustainability.

Step 6 | The products you love

Here at the Natural Beauty Plant, the Rosa gallica extract becomes the hero ingredient in many of our most loved products, including our bestselling Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Lotion and Rose Hand Cream. As well as imparting its divine scent, this botanical beauty helps hydrate dry skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.