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Stop these four habits and you’ll make a major difference to the health of your skin.

1. Washing your face before your hair in the shower

Shampoo and conditioner contain isopropyl myristate, which is really, really good at clogging your pores. So make sure you wash your face after your hair to make sure that any excess hair product has been rinsed from your precious skin.

2. Not washing your face before bed

Let’s be honest, sometimes we all feel like just crawling into bed without cleansing. But while you sleep your skin renews itself and removes toxins from your pores. So if you’re wearing makeup, these toxins can’t get through, leading to breakouts and damaged skin.

3. Super-hot showers

A deliciously hot shower, especially after a long day, is a fabulous treat. But unfortunately hot water on your face is a no-no. The heat makes the skin’s oil soften, and combined with soap, the skin’s oil barrier is stripped away in no time, leading to dry and itchy skin. So have lukewarm showers, especially when you run your face under the water.

4. Not wearing sunscreen EVERY day

Sunscreen is the best protection against harmful UV rays that can seriously damage your skin and cause skin cancer. Even if you’re only outside to go to work, or to go grocery shopping, it’s vital to wear a broad-spectrum sun lotion to protect your skin. Sunscreen is the ultimate anti-ager!