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The secret to rejuvenation is not complicated. The power to revitalise, renew and even reinvent is, of course, built in to Nature itself. Sometimes, like now at Chinese New Year, you simply have to press pause on the noise and hustle and tune into it.

If you’re going to make a mantra for the new year, make it this: remember natural rituals…

Feeling a part of Nature has also been linked with life satisfaction. Call this your reminder to sit under the green protection of a tree, touch the soil of an organic garden, breathe fresh air under a wide, clear sky. That’s happiness.

Rose Body Oil: Immerse your skin and senses in the pure, delicately-scented nourishment of hydrating Rose, rebalancing Macadamia and protective Safflower oils.

Awareness of present moment is easy – it’s consistency that is key.

Effective skincare has always been about respecting steps. As a toning, soothing mist following cleanser, our Activating Water Essence revitalises the radiance of your skin with Nature’s most powerful hydrating and enriching botanicals – while also preparing you to absorb the maximum benefit of serum.

Press it into your complexion with your palms and take a deep, slow breath. See? The simple secret to pure, clear, radiant revitalisation – as Nature intended.