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Rare Rose Glow Ritual

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A glow-boosting ritual of rose-powered bestsellers for mother figures who radiate love. 
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Type of Skin: All
Helps With: Dry Skin & Hydration

Our Rare Rose Glow Ritual set is perfect for mums and mother figures who love a natural glow. Harnessing the power of Jurlique's exclusive Rose extract, this glow-boosting ritual set comes complete with a 20ml Activating Water Essence+, 50ml Rare Rose Face Oil, and 10ml Rare Rose Cream that helps relax the senses while delivering long-lasting hydration for softer, more radiant skin.

Featuring a 20ml Activating Water Essence+, 50ml Rare Rose Face Oil, and 10ml Rare Rose Cream, the Rare Rose Glow Ritual is the perfect ​glow-up ​gift set for the radiant mother figure in your life. This botanical-rich trio helps relax the senses while delivering long-lasting hydration for supple, more radiant skin.

The exclusive edition design of our Rare Rose Glow Ritual set, featuring Lavender, Rose and Calendula inspired by our farm in the Adelaide Hills, was created by 15-year-old Laura Cairns, Jurlique’s budding artist winner and daughter of beauty advisor Mei Fang Chang.

* Based on an in vivo study conducted by POLA Chemicals of the cortisol level in saliva before and after smelling the fragrance based on 32 participants

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How to Use

Begin your Rare Rose Glow Ritual by preparing skin with our Activating Water Essence+, enriched with Marshmallow Root extract known for its hydrating, balancing, and softening properties.

The next step of your radiance-boosting ritual is our Rare Rose Face Oil, featuring our exclusive farm-grown Jurlique Rose that helps improve skin suppleness while reducing the effect of stress* on the body and mind with its delicate rose scent. Complete your ritual with Rare Rose Cream, containing slow-releasing Jurlique Rose extract to replenish skin throughout the day and Jurlique’s radiance blend of Rose, Lavender, Marshmallow Root, and Calendula extracts to help restore your natural glow.

Key Ingredients

We believe in preserving the integrity of nature. That's why we harvest each plant by hand to extract its essence and deliver an undiluted force of nature to your skin.
Jurlique Rose
Jurlique Rose has been shown to improve the skin barrier function, helping to retain essential moisture levels within the skin for a dewy, smooth look, restoring skin radiance and smoothness.
Marshmallow Root
Marshmallow Root extract is hydrating, softening and rebalances dryness on the skin.
Viola Tricolor extract possesses antioxidants that help to protect from environmental aggressors like sun, wind and pollution to minimise signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles and du