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Gels, cream, serums, lotions…there’s a whole host of skin care products out there and unless you’re a fan of the 12-step routine, adding another product to your ritual can sometimes feel like another one too many. But there’s one skin care product that’s worthy of taking up prime real estate on your bathroom shelf: the eye serum.

Chances are you’ve heard of face serums and already use one or two on rotation to target your skin concerns. But are you using a specific serum for the under-eye area? The skin around our eyes is thinner and more fragile than the skin on the rest of our face so it needs care, attention and specially formulated products. If you’re struggling with under eye bags, puffy eyes or wrinkles and you feel as though you need an extra boost to this area, an eye serum is the perfect addition to your skin care ritual.

What is an eye serum?

Like a face serum, the difference between eye serum and eye cream lies in the texture and formula. Eye serums are lighter in texture to an eye cream or gel and are highly concentrated, delivering intense hydration to help repair the skin around the eyes. An eye cream, however, seals in moisture and all the benefits of the products used before it, as well as protects the skin from environmental aggressors. And like face serums are applied before your moisturiser, eye serums are applied before your eye cream as they can penetrate deeper into the skin.

Red bottle of Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Serum next to white necklace

Benefits of using an eye serum

Do eye serums really work? In a word, yes. An eye serum is so much more than an extra step. Depending on how the product is formulated, eye serums can:

Hydrate and firm the skin around the eyes
Minimise the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
Reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes
Restore and a radiant and youthful appearance.
Of course, at Jurlique we believe that products formulated with quality, natural ingredients deliver the best results to the skin – and the same goes for eye serums. Our Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Serum is rich in farm grown, age-defying botanicals and natural antioxidants such as Viola Tricolor extract, Yarrow extract and Japanese Cedar Bud extract, which help to re-energise and protect the eye area. Signs of fatigue are minimised, skin feels firmer and more energised, and looks more even in tone. Don’t just take our word for it – 96% of users who tried Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Serum for 56 days said their skin around the eye area felt replenished and hydrated*.

How to use an eye serum

Every good skin care ritual starts with cleansing the skin before applying a hydrating mist and face essence, such as Activating Water Essence. Apply your face serum as usual, then apply one pump of Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Serum to the fingertips and gently dab it around the eyes, morning and night.

The eye serum can be used on its own but for the best results, apply a nourishing eye gel or cream on top, such as Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Cream. The thicker layer of the eye cream will help seal in moisture and protect the skin against daily aggressors.

Transform your skin with Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Serum or shop all eye care at Jurlique. For more tips on how to take care of the skin around your eyes, read our guide to getting rid of tired-looking eyes.

*Based on a consumer study of 56 subjects using Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Serum immediately and after 56 days.