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5 Ways To Celebrate This Holiday Season - Jurlique US

5 Ways To Celebrate This Holiday Season

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The Christmas Holidays have no doubt evolved and changed in recent years, with friends and family from all walks of life coming together to celebrate the holiday season in traditional and not-so-traditional ways.

To help make this season as festive as ever, we have compiled a list of 5 ways to celebrate this year.

Break tradition

Like many holidays, family is often the focus of the festive season. This year will see many loved ones reunited after a challenging few years, with some of us finally able to share special moments together again. To mix it up this year, why not create a new festive tradition like a barbeque on Christmas day, Christmas eve at the movies, a neighborhood block party, or a relaxing spa day for two?

Break tradition

“My family is competitive. We always split into teams and play games, this could be a game of Volleyball, Rugby, Tug-of-Ware,  and even Karaoke.”  – Daisy, Community Co-ordinator

Celebrate with friends

In some cases, friends become our second family and the people we choose to spend time with over the holiday season. If this is the case, why not book a weekend escape with the gang, organize a potluck holiday party or see the new year in style surrounded by your best friends?

Celebrate with friends

“As an expat living away from home, I spend Christmas with my friends from all around the world. We’ll go to the beach in the morning, have a big dinner and play Christmas music all day. A great way to beat homesickness!” — Ash, Product Development

Find an eco-friendly gift

Half the fun of the festive season is exchanging gifts. But with so many presents winding up in landfills, why not take the eco-friendly route? There are a few ways to keep things sustainable this season, whether creating a homemade gift, buying eco-friendly products from sustainable companies, giving a gift that is not single-use, and minimizing your wrapping where possible. 

find eco-friendly gift

“Christmas isn’t a traditional festival in my hometown, in China (but it’s still popular there.) I usually spend time with my friends and buy apples for them as gifts.” —Diana, Brand activations

Give back

Spoiling friends and family is great, but giving back to the community is an even better way to celebrate the season. Take your pick of ways to help, whether donating gifts, volunteering at a local shelter, or inviting a neighbor or friend over who may be spending the holidays alone.

Give back

“Each year I take a box of pet treats and toys to the local Hawkesbury Animal Shelter which is where my dogs and cats have been adopted from.” — Bec, Beauty Education

Take time for you!

Sometimes, the festive season doesn’t have to be all about family and friends. It can be a chance to destress and decompress after a busy year, so why not take a solo holiday to a tropical island, book a spa day, or indulge in a relaxing self-care ritual?    

Take time for you!

“I like having a few days with just nothing planned to relax by the pool or have an afternoon nap.”  Luke, Ecommerce