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Unwind with Aromatherapy - Jurlique US

Unwind with Aromatherapy

A complete self-care ritual revitalizes our skin, rejuvenates the body, and helps balance the mind.

Aromatherapy harnesses the natural benefits of essential oils to create a sense of wellbeing and can be incorporated into your self-care ritual in the following ways:

Enhance your mood with Aromatherapy diffusers

Scents can help awaken our spirit, relax our mind and prepare ourselves for a restful night's sleep. Fill your diffuser with water and add 5-8 drops of your desired essential oil to diffuse the scent in your home. The Jurlique diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to increase the reach and strength of essential oils in any space.

Elevate your bath and body experience with a Soaking Ritual

Enjoy a rejuvenating  bath with up to 20 drops of your favorite Soaking Ritual for an uplifting experience that soothes the body and mind. The formula’s essential oils envelop the body in natural skincare benefits while the steam and heat from the bath helps diffuse their scent. Choose from our two Soaking Rituals to energize your morning or relax and destress.

Advance your skincare ritual with a facial soak

Essential oils used in aromatherapy also have skincare benefits for a radiant complexion. Immerse a face cloth in a mixture of warm water with a few drops of your desired facial soak, squeeze out the excess liquid, and apply the warm compress to your face, neck and décolletage. Choose Soaking Ritual Energising to awaken the senses and Soaking Ritual Relaxing to calm the skin.

Add Aromatherapy to your self-care ritual