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For many women, our introduction to skin care and beauty comes from one person: our mother, or mother figure. After all, who doesn’t have memories of exploring their mother’s top shelf with doe-eyed fascination as a child, trying to apply red lipstick the same way mum did and failing miserably. To celebrate Mother’s Day and honour all the beautiful, hard working women around the world, we’ve rounded up the best beauty advice we’ve received from our mothers over the years.

Wear sunscreen everyday

“Slip, slop, slap”, the ABC song of sun health most of us will remember growing up with in Australia. Before going out into the sun to play, our mother’s applying SPF was an important part of making sun protection a lifelong habit. SPF isn’t just a sun-safety essential under the harsh Australian sun: It’s also a way to prevent your skin from damage like sunspots, wrinkles and uneven texture. Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 15 every day and reapply as necessary.

Get your beauty sleep

Having to go bed early when we were younger wasn’t fun. Why go to sleep when we could watch cartoons and play with toys until we tire? But come to think of it…by putting us to bed early, our mothers were onto something. Beauty sleep isn’t just a myth: Getting at least 8 hours of good-quality sleep every night can help fight off the signs of ageing and give your skin the time it needs to repair itself. As adults, we no longer have our mothers to tuck us in but we can still make it an act of self-care rather than something we have to do. Surround yourself with elements of coziness – silky sleepwear and comfy socks. “Mist your skin with our Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense Deluxe Edition right before bed so you wake up with hydrated, radiant, and naturally glowing skin..

Eat your fruits and veg

We didn’t realise it then, but getting nagged by our mums to eat more fruit and vegetables was the first step to eating our way to radiant skin. Leafy greens like spinach, cabbage, lettuce, and moisture rich foods like watermelon, strawberries and blueberries are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help boost your hydration levels inside and out. The vital nutrients found in a lot of fruit and vegetables help renew and repair the skin keeping it healthy as you age. So, whenever you feel like swapping that bowl of salad for a greasy burger, hold onto the memory of your mum making sure you have your 5 a day.

Don’t touch your eyebrows

There are many beauty tips we should ignore, and our mothers advising our teenage selves to lay off the tweezers wasn’t one of them. Now that natural brows are back in style, aren’t we glad we listened? For an on-trend, wide-eyed look, groom your brows with a natural brow gel and gently brush them upward with a spoolie or brow ward.

Less is more

This applies to style, fashion and skin care. When it comes to the latter, using more ingredients and products on your face doesn’t necessarily guarantee better results. If we think back to our first experiences of using skin care products, it would include using whatever facial cleanser and moisturiser your mum used. Take it back to the basics and streamline your skin care routine with our Moisture Plus Rare Rose Starter Pack – enriched with powerful botanicals grown on the Jurlique Farm, our Moisture Plus Rare Rose skin care ritual helps your skin restore its natural glow and protects it against environmental aggressors.

Pink bottle skin care products and a rose

Be comfortable in your own skin

Perhaps the best beauty advice we’ve ever received from our mothers over the years is that we’re beautiful the way we are. For many women, a good skin care ritual – and the resulting healthy-looking, glowing skin – can give us that confidence to go barefaced. By using your mother’s skin care advice and Jurlique skin care ritual of cleanse, mist, activate, serum, eye care and moisturiser, you can enhance your natural beauty, shine and feel comfortable in your own skin.

When it comes to timeless, practical beauty advice, our mother is always the first person we turn to. Incorporate her advice into your skin care ritual now, and explore our bestsellers for botanical skin care that will restore the natural glow back to your skin.