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Recharge your Energy with Allira Potter - Jurlique US

Recharge your Energy with Allira Potter


Understanding your energy can be an important step in creating a well-rounded self-care practice. Learning to tune into your body, observing where your energy is going and devising ways to preserve your energy can all help create greater balance and harmony.

As part of our International Self-Care Day celebrations, we caught up with Allira Potter, whose expertise ranges from energy healing, writing and public speaking to modelling, and mindset coaching. Representing her Yorta-Yorta heritage, Allira employs an inclusive and holistic approach, inspiring others to embrace their unique potential through personal growth and transformation.

Discover more about Allira’s self-care practices and the importance of tuning into your energy and creating better boundaries.


“The thing to know about energy is everything around you is energy—from the coffee you have in the morning, to your body, to the plants around you. Once you recognise that, you learn to stop, tune in and listen to your body.

 The thing for me was realising where my energy was going, the output that I was giving to other people, and understanding what input of energy I was giving myself.

 Remember that what you put out there is what you'll get back. It's all energy. So a conscious reminder to stop and tune into your body.”


“I neglected my self-care last year; I think I burnt out about four times because I kept people pleasing. I kept doing so much for everybody else; I had no self-care routine or boundaries.

I recognise my energy levels as being pretty low when I'm feeling a little bit snappy towards people, or I'm feeling really fatigued—that's when I know that I'm in a burnout phase, and I need to say to myself, "You need stronger boundaries. You need to say no. You need to go and fill your cup and have a moment for you."


“I think when we grow older, we need to stop giving so much energy to other people and not feel so guilty for creating boundaries. Remember, you are this beautiful individual, and you're allowed to say no to things and not have guilt attached to it—if you want to have that day in bed watching movies, then do it. Don't associate it with being lazy. It's just you recharging your energy and looking after yourself. The next time someone asks you to go out, tune into your body and observe if there is a back and forth, a yes or no. For me, that's my intuitive body and my energy saying, "Don't go. You need to conserve your energy and look after yourself."


“Self-care practices that I use to recharge my energy levels are honestly things that we can do free of charge—getting out in nature, grounding or ocean swims. Some days I find that the best tool for me as a self-care practice is not having my phone, being present with my body, and just being surrounded by nature. I also do things like meditation and journaling. If I feel like I need to recharge with a friend, we might go on a river walk. It’s about all those nice little calm moments.”