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Hydrated Skin, powered by nature - Jurlique US

Hydrated Skin, powered by nature

Have you ever noticed how dry land struggles to absorb water while wet, nutrient-rich soil can soak up moisture with ease? It may surprise you that your skin is not too different from soil. It also requires careful preparation and hydration to absorb serums and moisturizers effectively.

The power of preparation

On our biodynamic* farm in the Adelaide Hills, we believe that preparing, nurturing and watering our soil enhances the power of nature in our skincare ingredients.

Just as we tend to and prepare our land, Activating Water Essence+, enriched with 98% natural ingredients, helps prepare, hydrate and activate the skin, ready for the next steps in your skincare ritual.


An essence powered by nature

This lightweight essence is enriched with two different Marshmallow Root Extracts from our farm and a radiance blend of powerful botanical extracts that help to boost and retain moisture.

Macerated Marshmallow Root Extract intensely hydrates, while Bio-intrinsic™ Marshmallow Root Extract works to boost skin moisture, improving the structure of the stratum corneum and the skin’s ability to retain water. These extracts help to perfectly prepare the skin, creating a healthy and hydrated environment to soak up serums and moisturizers even more effectively.

Activating Water Essence+ is also enriched with Jurlique’s Radiance Blend, featuring potent botanical extracts, including farm-grown Jurlique Roses that help retain moisture, Calendula with smoothing properties that rebalance and moisturize and Lavender that helps rebalance dryness, leaving skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Prepare & hydrate with our Activating Water Essence+