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Explore our collection of nature-inspired face mists - Jurlique US

Explore our collection of nature-inspired face mists

Known for their unique healing, hydrating and calming properties and mind, body and soul benefits—plants, flowers and herbs have traditionally been used for medicinal purposes, in essential oils and additions to skincare formulations.

Take a journey with us through the fields of the Adelaide Hills as we explore the benefits of some of our botanicals that nurture not only the skin but also the mind.


Farm-grown lavender holds many benefits, helping to hydrate, rebalance dryness and replenish dehydrated skin. This gentle herb, infused into our Lavender Hydrating Mist, has astringent properties that help tone and refresh skin, while natural antioxidants help protect skin from environmental aggressors. Lavender's delicate natural fragrance is also known for its ability to calm the mind.


Roses, with their beautiful floral fragrance, are known for their many mind-body benefits. Handpicked petals from our exclusive Jurlique Rose are extracted and infused into our Rosewater Balancing Mist, helping to soften, hydrate and retain moisture levels for dewy, smooth skin. This powerful botanical also possesses antioxidant properties to protect the skin against environmental aggressors.


Sweet violets from the beautiful South Australian Hills are a rich source of mucilage which helps replenish and moisturize the skin. This gentle extract helps improve moisture levels, leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated. Our Sweet Violet & Grapefruit Hydrating Mist provides a refreshing and uplifting scent that helps revitalize and balance the senses.


Aloe Vera is the new botanical organically grown and harvested at Jurlique’s farm in the Adelaide Hills. A plant praised for its hydrating and soothing properties, our Aloe Vera Mist features a 100% natural origin fragrance with delicate notes of Green Tea, Citrus and Cedarwood to uplift the senses.


Start your ritual by selecting a botanical-rich mist to support your needs, whether you are looking to awaken, calm, soothe or balance your senses. To create the perfect misting moment, close your eyes and lightly mist onto your face or mist into hands and gently press onto the skin. Be transported into nature as you breathe in the delicate Lavender, Rose, Aloe Vera, or Sweet Violet scents, allowing your senses to awaken.

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