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Lessons From Our Mothers - Jurlique US

Lessons From Our Mothers

Whether a mum or mother figure, there is no doubt a special woman that has made a mark on your life. This Mother’s Day, we wanted to celebrate all the special mothers amongst us. We spoke to mums and daughters from our Jurlique staff and extended community to learn about the wisdom, lessons and skincare secrets they have learned from their mothers over the years.


“She is my go-to person for everything - a chat, advice or for a laugh. She is my tower of strength.” - Elena, Beauty Expert

“Her blind devotion. Always knowing she is there.” - Lily

“I love how she expresses her love of family through food. I can’t even count the times that she’s quietly left soup in my kitchen when I’m sick, or cooked extravagant 6-course meals to celebrate special moments in my life (graduation, engagement), or made nutritious broths when I was recovering from childbirth. She was never overly affectionate, but I know each time she cooked for me, she was saying “I love you” - Jenny

“My mum came to Australia with 4 kids on her own. She worked hard, raised us well and always taught me to do my best, to push to my full potential.” - Jenny

“Life is ever evolving and that everything truly does happen for a reason, which has really helped me trust in the process.” - Georgie

“Be present and aware. In conversations, in relationships, in your surroundings and in life.” - Elena, Beauty Expert

“Pick your battles and cheese fixes everything.” - Lily

“My mum loves a little aromatherapy moment and would always put Lavender essential oil (with a carrier oil) on her pulse points during the day and before bed. She’s also meticulous with her skincare regime so I’ve certainly inherited an understanding of the importance of self-care.” - Georgie

“My mum has always taken good care of her skin and has the perfect English rose complexion. She’s taught me that staying out of the sun is the best thing that you can do for your skin.” - Rebecca

“You need to eat well to have nice skin. Her skincare superfoods were tofu & soybean milk, so she constantly fed that to us as kids.” - Jenny