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Your natural glow with our Rare Rose Range - Jurlique US

Your natural glow with our Rare Rose Range

How to reveal radiant skin with Jurlique Rare Rose Extract

For thousands of years, the rose has been one of the most iconic flowers in the world. Favored for its beautiful fragrance and known for its unique healing properties, the rose remains a favorite in the beauty and skincare industry today.

Jurlique has cultivated roses in the pristine Adelaide Hills for over 35 years. Developed in collaboration with renowned rose breeder George Thomson, our exclusive Jurlique rose is a hybrid of 3 different rose breeds with a large, soft pink flower, delicate scent and powerful botanical benefits. Selected as the star ingredient of our Rare Rose range, the Jurlique Rose helps provide superior hydration throughout the day.

Over the years, Jurlique has developed advanced technology methods to capture and magnify the unique properties of our Rare Rose.

Discover the Supercritical CO2 Extraction method

Clean, free of chemicals and more sustainable than other methods, the Supercritical CO2 method uses innovative technology to separate additional plant components at a higher concentration while also capturing the plant's fragrance components.

Using this method, we are now able to capture a higher concentration of the Rare Rose powerful extract that has been proven to improve skin barrier function and help retain essential moisture while restoring suppleness and elasticity for plump, smooth and glowing skin.

And for the first time, its delicate rose fragrance has been proven to help reduce the effects of the stress hormone cortisol, helping to calm the body and mind.


Discover Jurlique’s Exclusive Bio-Intrinsic™ method

Exclusive to Jurlique, this three-step process extracts and recombines high‐performing ingredients from our dried botanicals to further intensify their skin benefits. Using an ancient alchemistic process of purification, intensification and ashing, components are extracted and reunited to create a high-potency extract for maximum skincare benefits.

Jurlique's CO2 extration methodHow to reveal radiant skin with Jurlique Rare Rose Extract

 Rose Droplet Technology

 The hydrating benefits of rose extract are taken a step further with Jurlique's breakthrough delivery system. Rose Oil extract is encapsulated deep into the core of a natural cellulose microcapsule delivery system (Microsponge™). And when these microcapsules make contact with the skin, they slowly release the Jurlique Rose extract, allowing it to boost and maintain moisture levels and radiance over 24 hours.

Rare Rose Ritual

The Rare Rose ritual harnesses the power of Jurlique's exclusive Rare Rose extract to deliver long-lasting hydration for glowing, supple and silky-smooth skin.

Begin your Rare Rose Ritual with Rare Rose serum, following with our brand new super-powered Face Oil. This glow-boosting face oil helps relax the mind while leaving skin hydrated, soft and glowing.

For an extra-boost of moisture, follow with lightweight lotion or luxurious Rare Rose Cream that uses Rose Droplet technology to provide long-lasting hydration.

Complete your ritual

As a final step in your Rare Rose Ritual, use Jurlique's new Hydrating Mask for the perfect express or overnight self-care treatment, providing skin with an intense boost of hydration and radiance. 


Discover Jurlique's New Rare Rose Collection

*Based on an in vitro study conducted by POLA Chemicals of the intercellular adhesion in HLEC and HUVEC.
**Based on an in vivo study conducted by POLA Chemicals of the cortisol level in saliva before and after smelling the fragrance based on 32 participants.