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Discover the holistic benefits of body oils

Skincare has the power to transform the appearance and texture of our skin, whether smoothing fine lines, creating a more even skin tone, or giving a boost of hydration to reveal supple, soft skin. 

But what is perhaps overlooked is the way that skincare, when infused with aromatic botanicals, can also have a profound effect on the mind, soul, and senses. Body oils, rich in natural oils and botanical extracts, are a prime example of skincare that can nourish the skin while igniting the senses for a full-body sensory experience.

Let’s explore some of the holistic benefits of body oils.


Jurlique Body oils are formulated with a minimum of 97% natural origin ingredients* that have the power to awaken the senses, with fragrant aromas that each hold unique qualities and benefits. Gentle lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties; rose is known to balance and soothe, while lemon can help refresh and uplift the senses.

*Based on ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2 (including formulation water)


While botanicals ignite the senses, they also contain naturally occurring antioxidants which may help to protect against environmental aggressors. Nurturing body oils with ingredients such as jojoba, safflower, and macadamia oils also have the power to soften, soothe, and hydrate the skin. 

Safflower oil, sourced from safflower seeds, is high in linoleic acid and known for its softening properties, whilst jojoba oil forms a lipid layer that protects against moisture loss.


Whether you are looking to relax, calm the mind, elevate your mood, or give your dehydrated skin some love, body oils can soothe both body and mind.

Body oils can be used in multiple ways. Both a nourishing moisturizer for the body and soothing massage oil to melt away any tension. Oils can be incorporated into your morning or evening routine and are the perfect addition to your daily self-care ritual; just add a few drops to a relaxing bath and allow a sense of calm to wash over your body.

Allow nature to transform your senses and elevate your skincare experience with Jurlique’s Rose, Lavender, and Lemon body oils.

Experience the benefits of indulgent body oils