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In Harmony with Nature with artist, Tiffany Lynch - Jurlique US

In Harmony with Nature with artist, Tiffany Lynch

This Lunar New Year, Jurlique partnered with Brighton-based artist Tiffany Lynch to create the design of our Exclusive Edition Rose Body Oil. Inspired by moments in nature, Tiffany’s vibrant prints embody our philosophy of celebrating and working in harmony with nature.

My work is fuelled by the natural world, and Jurlique natural products and farming methods resonate with my driving force to produce art evoked by connection to the life force of nature.”

Inspired by Nature

In creating her design, Tiffany drew inspiration from her natural surroundings in her hometown of Brighton, a seaside town in the South of England.

“I spent some time drawing in my sketchbook En Plein Air in a beautiful Victorian rose garden in a local park close to where I live and work in Brighton. It was the height of Summer in England, so I felt inspired by the pretty gardens along my street, the smells and summer colours. Using Jurlique Rose Body Oil helped ignite my creative senses further to help produce the Rose design.” 

The result is a striking design that showcases the Rosa Gallica Hybrid Rose, the hero ingredient of Jurlique’s Rose Body Oil. Filled with pink, orange, and blue hues found in nature and vibrant red—a symbol of good fortune during the Lunar New Year, the design symbolises our connection to nature and the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves in the new year.

“I aim to evoke beauty and happiness into the heart of the spectator through my art, creating a place of escape from the everyday into vibrant colour, celebrating the magic of our natural world”.

Reconnecting in the New Year

Our Exclusive Edition Rose Body Oil, enriched with Rose Gallica Hybrid Rose extract and other powerful botanicals, is an invitation to reconnect with ourselves in the new year, to create self-care rituals that restore our energy and cultivate a greater connection to nature.

 “I live in Brighton, UK, and I am blessed to live by the coast. I am a sea swimmer, and I reconnect my energy with winter swimming and yoga during the British winter months leading up to New Year; the cold seawater is incredibly energising for my body, mind and soul. “

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