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Connecting to the natural world with artist, Tiffany Kingston - Jurlique US

Connecting to the natural world with artist, Tiffany Kingston

Jurlique partnered with Byron Bay-based artist Tiffany Kingston to help create a unique design for our Exclusive Edition Aloe Vera Mist and Hand Cream.

Inspired by nature and the subtropical setting of Byron Bay, Tiffany’s artwork ‘The Earth Remembers You’ references the legacy or footprint we leave on this earth and the way we can impact the wellbeing of the planet—a concept particularly close to Jurlique’s heart.

“The Earth Remembers You is a multi-layered and connective artwork which captures an intimacy between us and nature. It is as if we have stepped into a moment in time to experience one of the most precious ecosystems of a subtropical rainforest.”

A Conversation with Nature

The vibrant artwork is a conversation between Tiffany and the natural environment, featuring an intricate tapestry of leaves in various shapes, sizes and hues.

“Living in a subtropical location such as Byron Bay, you are surrounded by many varied habitats that cross over and interlink. When spending time walking through the forests, wetlands and coastal river systems, you are able to see the way in which every plant species and natural element connects either with vines, root systems, the flow of water or even the delicate threads of a spiderweb. This connectivity is symbolised in the painting through the use of colour mapping and detailed line marking carved into the painted surface.”

Rituals Inspired by Nature

Our Exclusive Edition Aloe Vera Mist and Hand Cream, enriched with 98% natural origin ingredients* and infused with farm-grown Aloe Vera, provides a hydrating moment of self-care that will help transport you to nature. Like Jurlique, Tiffany finds value in incorporating nature into her daily rituals as a way to enhance wellness and wellbeing.

“Every day, I try to spend time in nature exploring the local habitats near my home or working on the land, gardening and planting a forest. Part of my daily devotion to the earth is restoring once discarded farmland back to its native habitat. My paintings are inspired by the time spent exploring and seeing the land transform.”