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An eco-friendly packaging renovation

An eco-friendly packaging renovation

The Rare Rose range marks the start of an eco-friendly packaging makeover with up to 94% recyclable packaging. All cartons are locally produced, made with certified sustainable materials that are 100% kerbside recyclable. Our frosted and translucent Rare Rose bottles are 100% recyclable, made using recycled content, while our droppers, pumps, caps and tubes are recyclable.

While the beauty and skincare industries are taking strides towards sustainability, we all have a part to play. Opening up your bathroom cabinet, you will undoubtedly find a collection of bottles, tubes and bottles lining its shelves. So what can we do to limit waste and protect our earth? This is our eco-savvy guide to recycling and reusing your beauty and skincare products.


Check the label

A quick way to understand if your skin and beauty products are recyclable is by checking the label. The most common recycling symbol is the Mobius loop, which appears as a triangle with three arrows moving in a clockwise direction. Typically, colored arrows indicate that a product is recyclable, while clear arrows indicate that products are conditionally recyclable and should be returned in-store for recycling.

Check the color

For glass bottles and containers, another way to gauge the product's recyclability is to look at its color. Containers that are transparent, brown or green are the preferred colors when recycling glass.


Check your local council to see what can be recycled

Knowing when and what to recycle can be a bit of a minefield, with each country, state and council having different guidelines. Stay savvy with what you can and can’t recycle by visiting your local council or Environment Protection Authority website. Here you can find information on household recycling, waste reduction initiatives and return and earn schemes.


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*According to Australian Recyclability Standards